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Welcome to my world!

6th September, 2005. 2:15 pm.(rivara)

promoting my "punk" band

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9th August, 2005. 7:59 pm.(f_note)

I'm sorry guys that i created a rubbish community. But since i'm writing i'll tell you about my holiday.

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22nd July, 2005. 1:09 pm. Tipsyness(faith6905)

hey guys. have u all been? i havent written in a long while. well, 2 give an update bout my lyf: da jimmy n james situation is settled. and im currently sleeping over my best friend's house. I always have fun here. She lives like an hour away from me. So its not that easy 4 me 2 c her all da time. We got so drunk last night. She drank 2 cups of wine and i drank 2 cups and alot more. she got drunk quickly and started laughing at everythin. lol. she even did sit ups on the kitchen floor. I craved a cigarette so bad dat i even went into her moms room and took 1. den last night when i started 2 get sober (around 5am) i felt so bad. i stole from her mom. jovi (my best friend) just told me 2 keep it. n e way. we went 2 bed at around 530am and woke up at 7am. we werent tired. my head kept hurting. i didnt hve a hangover or n e thing. it left like an hour after. later, we're gna play tennis and go in da pool. yay!

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13th July, 2005. 11:41 am. Harry Potter(faith6905)

I dont no if any 1 is into reading Harry Potter. But I love it. And so does my best friend Jovi (your_blood_lust) and last nite I was on the fone w/ her & on MSNBC they were discussing that Harry Potter should b banned and burned bcuz it gets 2 much into Religion. I got so pissed. Da only thing religiony bout da book is da magic words they say. Which I think is in Latin, Im not sure. The 6th book is comming out on Sat. July 16th. Y r they making such a big deal as if Harry Potter was the only book ever 2 mention Religion?!?!? Ugh! Ok...Ill calm down

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12th July, 2005. 8:52 pm.(f_note)

this is the rest of my fic. rubbish i know.

Tres quickly but cautiously opens the door and squints at his outside surrounds. He is shocked to find a tall, masked man waving at him. Tres is bedazzled by the interesting character that has woken him up at one in the morning. His mind is flooding with thoughts. Who is this weird man? Why the hell is he wearing a mask, that looks like a member of The Network? Oh! please say it isn't another obsessed fan! Tres just stands there, starring at the man that is now making rude noises.
"Uh OH Ehhhh. Fine. One strip-o-gram for Tres Cool!" The unknown man bluttered out tyring his hardest not to laugh or give any clues of his indentity.
"Wait a minute i know that voice and that butt, Billie?" Tres asked as a smile creeped over his face.
"Got it in one, fuck buddy! Are you going to leave me out here in the cold, my cute ass is freezing." Billie ordered.
"Well that's what you get for only wearing a thong and a mask." Tres implied.
He wasn't used to his secret lover making a effort before they have happy, happy hour.

Billie slowly walked through the door handing Tres a container. Cool read the label of the mysterious container.
" Urm Bill what is the melted choclate for?"
"Use your imagination." Armstrong said, in the most sexiest voice that god could bless a man with. Billie jumped on the couch, making himself comfortable in a titanic painting pose. Tres smiled and slammed the door. He was red eventhough he was used to this. After a short time of walking to the couch he sat on billie. On Billie ,not near him, on him!

Tres was used to asking Billie for ding donging. But this time Billie has chosen the time and place. This was very unusual but it had a amazing vibe that caused Tres to grab Billie and kiss him. As they kissed the world seemed to disappear and it was just them together. It was an amzing feeling.
"Ohhhhhhhh. Awww. My little Tres has the hejebeegees. I love it. Come here."
Billie giggle as he pulled Tres closer. Suddenly he pushed Cool away just before a intimate kiss. He gave Tres a seductive smile and eyebrow raise that could only suggest one thing.
"I want to play with your..................................... XBox! Can i?" Billie asked politely. Tres froze, he was shocked. All the false thoughts of Billie wanted to do it for once.
"Hun, I'm just kidding. Why would i want to play with a boring Xbox, when i have you?"
Tres unfroze and began to panic. he did not feel like a sex instructor, he was the slave. He loved it.

Damnit is it that time already. Well enjoy, people.

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11th July, 2005. 6:34 pm.(f_note)

Hay everyone. Hope u r all ok!


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8th July, 2005. 5:09 pm. Promo!!!(beckie_gloom)

Just a little promo:

Community dedicated to the OTP of Will and Jack from Will & Grace

Made by letsey_x

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7th July, 2005. 8:11 pm. Need Advice!!!(faith6905)

Man. I have a problem. I wanted 2 ask u guys about it. May b u can help me. Ok, Ive been in love w/ Jimmy 4 almost a year now & I no he loves me. We arent going out or anything cuz he lives far but we still care about each other. He can have gfs and I can have bfs but I no we'll never 4get about each other. But these past couple of days, it seems like the only reason y he calls me is bcuz he has 2. He calls me & we tlk 4 about 10 minutes den he'll just not pay attention 2 me. Cuz his cuzin James is always over & they're always playing video games. So he's more into it den tlkin 2 me. So im just on da fone listening 2 his convo w/ his cuzins. Ive tlked 2 James a couple of times b cuz he was helping me plan out a surprise dat I was thinking of doing 4 Jimmy's bday. I liked tlkin 2 him. Sometimes even more den Jimmy. I started liking James. But nothing serious. I wasnt like all googly eyes whenever I would tlk 2 him. He just seemed really cool & I would want 2 go out w/ some 1 like him. But I had no further thoughts cuz he's Jimmy's cuzin & I love Jimmy. Well, yesterday around 9pm my fone rings and its Jimmy. I pick up & it wasnt Jimmy...it was James. I was surprised but it didnt really matter. I asked 4 Jimmy & James told me dat he was in da shower but da reason y he called me now was cuz he wnted 2 tlk 2 me bout something later. I said ok & just hung up. I thought it was about the surprise I was planning 4 Jimmy. Thinking he had a better idea or something. Jimmy called me around 930pm & we tlked. The same thing happened....he called me, we tlked 4 bout 10 min and after dat he just ignored me. He's told me dat he'll just call me 2morrow. I didnt wna hang up cuz I hardly tlked 2 him but I just agreed and hung up. About 2 hours later, my fone rings again and its from Jimmy's fone but James was da 1 dat was calling. I asked wat he wnted 2 tlk 2 me about. He said nothing dat he just wnted 2 tlk 2 some1 cuz he was bored. I started laughing and we just tlked 4 about an hour & a half. I was telling him about da fight I got in @ skool,music,clothes, everything. After 2 hours he tells me, "U no, da real reason y I called u is bcuz I wnted 2 tell u dat Im starting 2 like u & I kinda get da vibe dat u like me 2" I was speechless. I did like him but its not like I gave it alot of thought. I was in love w/ his cuzin. N eway, James wnts 2 keep tlking 2 me & I wna keep tlkin 2 him. But I dnt no if its wrong. Im not going out w/ Jimmy. Even though I care about him but he lives 2 far away. So does James but he has a car & hes older & more mature. Sometimes I even like his personality more den Jimmy's. I dont no wat 2 do.

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7th July, 2005. 4:40 pm.(lifestarts_here)

hey.. first entry.

i have a ?. i know how to load pictures in and everything but how do i make the link so the pics dont show up when your just browsing through?.. you know. like you muct click the link to veiw the pics.?.
Just wondering. and i already have photobucket and everything like that.
alright. thanks@


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5th July, 2005. 4:07 pm.(f_note)

hey guys the following stuff is rubbish and i dont know how to put it in a clicky thingy so sorry.

What is love?
If you can’t describe what it is, how can you pretend you are in it?
I have the answer.
There are three types of love:
1. Love between your families.
2. Love between your friends and even enemies.
3. Confused love that has sparked from an old relationship.

The third love is the worst, being bewildered by emotions and bedazzled by hopes. How can anyone fall in love after they have experienced catastrophic flings?
When you love your friends it is different type of bond that tests your sexuality and understanding of your inner character.

Does Will really love Jack? Does Andrew really love Justin? Does Billie really love Tres? Billie asks himself that every morning. He has a loving wife, beautiful children and the greatest friends that luck can buy. Why does he feel like his life is missing a certain flash that can revive his true feelings? What can revive him?

I would add more but i still don't know how to put it under a link. Sorry it is really bad.

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