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hey guys. have u all been? i havent written in a long while. well, 2 give an update bout my lyf: da jimmy n james situation is settled. and im currently sleeping over my best friend's house. I always have fun here. She lives like an hour away from me. So its not that easy 4 me 2 c her all da time. We got so drunk last night. She drank 2 cups of wine and i drank 2 cups and alot more. she got drunk quickly and started laughing at everythin. lol. she even did sit ups on the kitchen floor. I craved a cigarette so bad dat i even went into her moms room and took 1. den last night when i started 2 get sober (around 5am) i felt so bad. i stole from her mom. jovi (my best friend) just told me 2 keep it. n e way. we went 2 bed at around 530am and woke up at 7am. we werent tired. my head kept hurting. i didnt hve a hangover or n e thing. it left like an hour after. later, we're gna play tennis and go in da pool. yay!
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