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I'm sorry guys that i created a rubbish community. But since i'm writing i'll tell you about my holiday.

I was in scotland for two weeks. The ride wasn't so bad because i blanked out the cheasy radio with Green Day's Warning album *rock hands* but i stopped it about every five minutes to listen to Green Day on the radio. Maybe it wasn't so cheasy but Wake Me Up When September Ends was everywhere, on t.v, on the radio, even chavs was singing it down the town. I know chavs singing Green Day should be shot.
   First week in Edinburgh was cool. Me, my sister and my dad went to the dungeons. It was so funny it was supposed to be a scary show that made you walk, run and get lost almost everywhere. My cheeks still hurt because we was stook in a mirror maze and it was really hard to get out of. But my dad had a whole conversation witha mirror thinking it was me. Well it was funny but i think yuo had to experience it.
   I'll cut it short because i know im boring you.

  • got attacked by jellyfish.
  • my dog got ill and started bleeding everywhere.
  • i went crazy because i'm billie/tre mad and i haven't seen a picture of them hangdanging for ages.
  • met cute german lads. Hummmm houssenbugler.
  • and i forgot the rest.
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